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ООО «Промтекс» осуществляет поставку и сервисное обслуживание оборудования ведущих мировых производителей в части производства первичных преобразователей различного типа: тензометрических датчиков веса, силы, крутящего момента; индуктивных и оптических датчиков перемещения, датчиков давления, температуры и т.д., а также производстве вторичных преобразователей для усиления и регистрации сигналов, выпуске контроллеров, сервоприводов и программного обеспечения для анализа и управления технологическими процессами.

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Event | 11.13.2019 - 11.15.2019
Cologne, Germany

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The exclusive European Trade Show for motorsport engineers, race car builders, team managers, and performance automotive equipment dealers and distributors.



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Engine Dynamometers

SuperFlow manufactures water brake, eddy current and AC engine dynamometers for performance and industrial applications. SuperFlow engine dynos test gasoline, diesel and CNG engines and several of our water brake dynos are used for AC motor testing. We frequently provide custom engineered engine dynamometer solutions for unique test requirements.

Chassis Dynamometers

SuperFlow offers a complete line of chassis dynamometers for everything from performance tuning to pre-emissions, mileage accumulation and heavy-duty truck testing. Unique features like true all-wheel-drive speed synchronization and trunnion mounted differentials allow our dynos to give you increased load capacity and test duration across the entire operating range.


The product that started it all for SuperFlow, a simple device to measure and quantify the amount of air flow through cylinder head runners and intake manifolds. In the 1970s the goal was to win Formula V races, a hobby of SuperFlow’s founder. Today, SuperFlow produces a series of air flow test benches used for things like increasing engine performance and fuel economy.


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